HOSTERIA ¡école!

Hosteria ¡école! in Pucon came together in the effort to create El Cañi Forest Sanctuary, Chile’s first privately-owned reserve. In 1995, two dozen environmental activists from Chile, Canada and the U.S. representing a dozen well-known NGOs raised the funds to buy this rare forest out from under the nose of a transnational timber beast. In the course of this effort, we realized that we needed place in which to gather and a way to direct other outdoor enthusiasts to worthy non-profit conservation projects like El Cañi, the Coastal Trail, Alto Bio Bio, Pumalín Park, Cochamó Valley, and many others.

So we pooled our resources, bought the old Hostería Don Pepe where we always lodged, shoveled out the junk, slammed on some paint, put out some grub and ¡voilá! Since 1995, Hostería ¡école! has offered visitors a place full of energy, a cozy atmosphere, excellent vegetarian food, a small café-bar for drinks and events, reasonable prices, and plenty of reliable information and advice for travelers eager to explore Chile's wilderness.

Hosteria ¡école! partners take pride in their first-hand knowledge of the area and all its potential. Our knowledgeable staff will help you organize excursions and outdoor activities with the best guides and tour operators in town. we also offer our own special outings into the wilderness.